Genealogica Grafica: language rules

9 Feb 2006
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Rule specification

In some languages the spelling of a word is dependent on surrounding words. For instance in French, "son of Beethoven" would read "fils de Beethoven", but "son of Adam" is spelled "fils d'Adam".

The language rules form allows you to specify such rules. And since it is there you can also use it for changing the wording in a gedcom.

The rules always apply to a combination of two (or more) words. The space in between is essential. A rule then looks like:

word1 word2 = replacement

If the combination of word1 and word2 occurs, Genealogica Grafica will replace it by replacement. If word1 is preceded by a blank, then the rule will apply only when that word is found. But when it is not preceded by a blank, the rule applies to any word ending in the leeters of word1. Same with a closing blank after word2.

Rule presentation

We do not expect that there will ever be very many rules. But just in case: the matrix to the left indicates for which combination of letters there are rules defined. (That is the combination of the last letter in word1 and the first in word2.)

This allows you to quickly check if all the letter combinations you expect are covered (like in French "de" in combination with any word starting with an A,E,I,O,U, or Y).

If you click on a square inside the matrix, the rules for that combination will be listed.